VMoney : Shop, Pay Bills and Buy Load Online (Review)

People are very busy nowadays that sometimes, they don’t have time anymore to pay their bills like SSS and etc. Well, Hola! I have found a new and effective way to pay bills, buy prepaid load and shop 24/7 online. With their advanced systems and features, you’re sure to have the convenience to do all of these online. They also offer Privilege Card that can be used in any ATMs for cash out. I have already tried VMoney and I could say they have a very great service!


If you would like to avail of their service, just sign up on their VMoney website and after that you need to verify your account. You can add, receive and send points on VMoney (1VM Point=1 Peso).

Last year as part of their Christmas giveaways  I was lucky to win 500 VM Points which is equivalent to Php500. 🙂


REVIEW: Gluta-C Intense Whitening Products

Women are very sensitive and very meticulous when it comes to beauty products especially whitening products. Before we buy a product, we would ask ourselves the following questions.


1. Is it effective?

2. Is it worth the price?

3. Is it dermatologist tested?


For those three questions above, Gluta-C Intense Whitening Products would definitely answer YES!


Gluta-C Intense Whitening Face & Body Soap

First I noticed, this soap has a very good scent. After I use it, my skin feels softer and smoother.

You’ll notice that it also gives whitening effects instantly with continuous use.


Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub

I use this together with Gluta-C Intense Whitening Face & Body Soap. This body scrub has a moisturizing formula and exfoliation.

I love using this because there’s a huge amount of beads that’s why I can scrub it all over my body very well.

After rinsing with water, you’ll immediately notice it’s whitening effect .

It also removes dead skin cells.

It leaves my skin softer and smoother.


Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Body Lotion Spf 25

This lotion has a very good scent and you would love to use this everyday.

It has whitening effects and you’ll immediately notice it after applying on your body.

It contains Glutathione and Vitamin C which are anti-oxidants that prevents skin damage.0

This product also have Arbutin and root extracts that whitens intensively.

It has SPF25 to protect you from the sun’s UV rays that causes damage and burns your skin.

It has Vitamin C and Shea Butter that moisturizes and helps reduce the signs of skin ageing.


Gluta-C Instant White Whitening Cream

This cream has antioxidants Glutathione and Vitamin C Concentrate gives you clearer and whiter skin.

It has also an anti-ageing formula that let’s you have a face that looks younger.

I’m using this product in the morning and every night after toning and cleansing.



I have tried and tested all of these products myself. Actually, I am still using these right now.


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