What Does It Feels to be a Mother?

What does it feels to be a mother?

I would say it’s the most wonderful thing that can happen to every woman…

When I became a mom last year, all have changed. When the doctor placed my baby on my tummy after I gave birth, tears really fell down from my eyes. It is such a wonderful thing that after 9 months of carrying him on my womb, at last I saw him. To become a mother is really a big sacrifice. I became more mature and I appreciate life more. Everything I do, every plans I am going to make, mybaby is always a part of those. He’s the greatest gift God had given me.
Tomorrow, 13th of May, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day. I would like to greet my mother Juliet Lindo Vallente- Cabras
for raising me, Cloevebhem and Irene. Thank you for taking care of my baby Tristan Zion, my nephew Kyle Vincent  and my niece Ayessa Faye.

Thank you very much and I love you ma!



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