How To Catch A Cheating Partner

Do you have the feeling that your partner might be cheating on you? To confirm your suspicions, here are some of the things that you can do. Act like a detective and trap your cheating spouse.

When trying to catch a cheating partner, you must be very keen and you should pay close attention to your partner’s actions. You should also be able to monitor even the smallest details.

You should also set a trap. Some people usually cheat when their partners are not around. As the saying goes, when the cat is gone, the mouse will play. This is also true for some relationships. Therefore, you should use this nature of men as bait. Tell your partner that you are going out for a couple of days when in fact, you are just going to use these days for your stake out. While you are gone, put recorders inside your house. If you can set up a surveillance camera in a hidden area, then that will be better. While you are it, you should also use your afternoons to sleep or take short naps. This will help you stay awake in the evening where all the cheating may occur.

You should also check the mobile phone or personal computer of your spouse. Check your partner’s cellular phone while he or she is taking a bath. If the phone is password protected, then this can be a big sign that your partner is trying to hide something. You can also borrow the phone from your husband or wife and pretend that you need to make a very important call with a business partner or friend. Pretend that you are dialing numbers. Instead of dialing numbers, you should immediately check the call logs and try to figure out if any of the previous calls is suspicious. You may also check the e-mails and the chat logs of your spouse on the computer.

You should also monitor your partner while he or she is driving the car. You can get a recorder and leave that in your spouse’ car. Retrieve it after your partner has gone back from work. Check if there are suspicious conversations. You may also put a GPS tracker on your partner’s car in order to check on him every now and then. You may also find out this way if he really goes to the office or not.

If you know that your husband is a member of any dating site, then make an account as well. Pretend to be someone else and start having conversations with your husband. This way, you will be sure that your partner is loyal to you. Try to flirt a little and extract information from him.

Lastly, you should get help from your female friends. Try to leave out your male friends for a while as they can be accomplices of your husband. If you are a man, then try the opposite. Your friends can help you figure out if your partner is cheating or not. They can also cover for you when you are caught on your stake out.


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